AbhiBindu: Experiences to enable the convergence and growth of all things positive! We curate programmes in the space of Wellness, that help align your mind, body, and soul. We are a platform that brings you retreats, workshops, programmes, and individual facilitations that further wellbeing, healing, mindfulness, personal growth, learning, and development.

Harika and Mamta met in Dec 2016, with a view that wellness and personal development are essential to make people happy.

Thus was born Abhibindu - your home to wellness. There is a point where the mind, the body and the soul meet- to help us in our journey of personal growth, health and happiness- hence the name - Abhibindu - The Meeting point -- so where the mind, body and soul get aligned aided by the the highly energy positive ecology that we are blessed to be in here. As a part of this process amongst our annual series of activities we choose to present today the role of doshas and how it feeds into and influences our state of being and enables us to reach the meeting point.